Audiences have been enthusiastic about Robbie Limon’s portrayal of Hank Williams Sr. Here are some quotes abstracted from  review articles, letters, and e-mails received following the show.

“Robbie Limon is not just an impressive tribute actor. Robbie Limon as Hank Williams is truly amazing. This is as close as anyone will ever get to seeing and hearing Hank again. When he steps on stage Robbie almost becomes the real/legendary Hank Williams Sr. The lanky, stoic personal appearance and the unmistakable soulful voice leave little to the imagination that one of the great music stars of all time has come back to life, if only for a fleeting theater experience.”
- R.K. Spencer; ‘New Musical at Victory Hall Theater’, Scottsville Monthly

“ Lovesick Blues is a mix of theater, concert, and story telling. The script is sparse but gives us pertinent detail and helpful insight into Hank’s troubled life. At first, the narration seems jarring. Then as we listen, the intent becomes clear. The story narration tells us the setting that produced each song, and their emotional impact gains power. We start to feel the music instead of just listening. The story telling and the concert merge.”
- Robert Sherwood, ‘World Premier: “Lovesick Blues”’, Clarke Times-Courier

“Robbie Limon….has mastered the master’s (Hank Williams Sr.) singing style and vocal quirks - the trademark catches and snippets of yodeling – and settles comfortably into his musical persona. The physical resemblance is even more striking, and Limon conveys a brooding melancholy in his acting.”
- John Horan, Jr; ‘Play Pays Homage to Tragic Songster’, Northern Virginia Daily

“We have a local Hank Williams. I thought about it when I was starting to program the show. He is the spitting image of Hank and he can sound just like him. Along with being tall and lanky like Williams, Limon can create the voices of other musicians.”
- Warner Crocker, Artistic Director, Wayside Theater quoted in “Lost Highway” by Charlotte J. Eller, Northern Virginia Daily

“Robbie Limon’s performance as Hank Williams  Sr. provides the important mixture of physical resemblance with his subject, the ability to sound very much like Williams, and the acting talent to pull off the short scenes which establish his character and tell his life story.”
- “Hank Williams – Lost Highway”, Potomac

“ Wayside Theater’s trip on the ‘Lost Highway’ is a journey worth taking with toe-tapping music, colorful language, and authentic costumes. The area’s own Robbie Limon does an admirable job portraying Hank Williams, the lanky songwriter and singer. He keeps the audience interested in the sad, chaotic, short life of a beloved country western singer.”
- F.C. Lowe; ‘Journey Worth Taking’, The Winchester Star


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