May 15, 2007
Robbie and the six-piece band headlined a 'Valley of the Stars' concert at The Strasburg Theater. Brad Haynes did the introduction with  "You've seen him as Hank Williams, Sr., and as Buddy Holly.....he doesn't know who he is tonight but let's welcome Robbie Limon!" Many in the audience had seen both performances at the Wayside Theater and acknowledged the tunes from each show.

The summer schedule for Robbie's 70s band is unprecedented in the past five years. Bookings for these private parties, town festivals, and summer outdoor concerts resulted from publicity about the theater performances. See the band's website at for an up-to-date appearance schedule.

April 26, 2007

Work on the 'Lovesick Blues' video promotion continues.

'Lovesick Blues' has been booked for two shows at the historic STAR Theatre in Stuart, VA on August 18, 2007. Contact information for ticket reservations is on the SHOWS tab.

March 24, 2007

The final performance of 'Buddy' was held this evening. Warner Crocker, Artistic Director of the Wayside Theater, announced to the cast that 'Buddy' has broken all attendance records at the Wayside; 'Buddy' received standing ovations at each of the 43 performances which is another 'first' for a Wayside Theater production.

Based on our discussions with theater patrons, Robbie has decided to record 10-12 of Holly's popular songs. Robbie will also co-author a script featuring the Buddy Holly character in a novel approach to musical theater. More to come as this concept is realized.

February 2, 2007

Robbie and the cast of 'Buddy' are a hit at the Wayside Theater. Performances run five times weekly through the last weekend in March; call the Wayside at (540) 869 1776 for tickets while they are still available. For critic's comments, please see the REVIEWS tab.


January 10, 2007
Robbie has been selected for the lead in 'Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story', the 2007 season opener at the Wayside Theater in Middletown, VA. 'Buddy' has been playing at London's Strand Theater for 13 years and has recently been made available for licensing in the US. 'Buddy' was the basis for the 70s movie of the same name starring Gary Busey. Warner Crocker, Artistic Director at the Wayside, is confident that Robbie can capture the look, sound, and attitude of rock and roll's earliest singer-songwriters. (The Wayside Theater is Virginia's second oldest professional theater, celebrating its 46th season in 2006-2007.)

The Buddy Holly show will run through February and March which precludes any of Robbie's performances in 'Lovesick Blues' during that period.


January 3, 2007

The December 30th Strasburg Theater show was a great success. Approximately 600 folks came out on New Years Eve weekend to learn about Hank Sr. on the 52nd. anniversary of his death. We were honored by having Buddy Allen Ricker and his wife in the audience to hear the first local performance of Buddy's song 'You Can't Keep Me From Loving You', written for Hank Sr. in 1951 but never recorded.

Discussions with Strasburg theater owners indicate that the show may be performed annually on New Years Eve weekend.

December 14, 2006

Robbie and Ken appeared on COMCAST Channel 6 (Winchester VA) on Barry Lee's 'Cable Talk' with Buddy Allen Ricker. Buddy spoke about his years on the country music road and his time on The Old Dominion Barn Dance. We learned that it was Roy Rogers who suggested that Buddy Ricker use the stage name Buddy Allen because it was easier to remember and to spell. Buddy, Rogers, and the Sons of the Pioneers were at a bowling alley when Rogers crossed out Ricker on the score sheet and wrote in 'Allen'.

November 26, 2006
Robbie and Ken were interviewed on the Brad Haynes radio show Valley of the Stars out of Front Royal. Cuts from the Lovesick Blues CD were played. Two free tickets were given away to listeners. Both December 30 shows will have sign language interpretation of song lyrics and dialogue.

November 24, 2006
OK !  We have contracted to do two shows at The Strasburg Theater in Strasburg, VA on Saturday, December 30, 2006. The Strasburg is a beautiful 500 seat theater that has been recently restored complete with balcony and two dining areas and ABC license. Shows will be at 4pm and 7pm with the traditional 'shake and howdy' after each show. See the 'Shows' page for complete information.

To buy tickets go to:

November 21, 2006
We looked at four hours of video from the Scottsville show. Ahren Fehr of Shenandoah University did a great job with this assignment. We have the major moments from both shows for review and edit including audience footage and location shots of the Victory Hall Theater.

Negotiations are getting serious for a Winchester area booking before year's end. We will post the news when we have a contract.

November 16, 2006
We are working to bring Lovesick Blues to the Frederick County area. There have been a few inquiries and some follow-up but nothing firm yet. Feedback from Saturday's show has been good.

November 12, 2006
Everyone in our theater troupe is coming off a big high from Saturday's Hank Williams show. We were in southern Virginia and did two sold-out performances; some folks in the audience were repeaters from earlier in the year. A pre-teen came through the 'shake-n-howdy' line with a 10x12 cast photo from June and asked that we all sign it.

The production went smoothly and the new material about the long-lost Hank song played well. We also added a few lighter moments to perk up the sometimes somber vibe...these worked to grab some laughs and spontaneous applause. We had a videographer taping both shows; haven't seen the results yet but he was up close and personal with the cast and audience throughout the evening. I'm expecting we will have plenty of material for future promos and our personal archives.


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